Posted: 12th August 2019

QA Automation Developer, Advertising Integration Team

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 

Toronto, Ontario. Canada

The opportunity

CBC/Radio-Canada is looking for a QA Automation Developer to join our new Advertising Integration team to work closely with internal and external digital partners. This is an opportunity to be part of an exciting team that understands who our audience is. It’s a chance to channel your technical expertise as well as your advertising insights to create easily discoverable, engaging, and accessible online ad product experiences across our digital offerings and on large scale events. Informed by our mission, our product strategy and our commitment is to be highly accountable to our audience. This is an opportunity to take on the unique challenges the sheer volume and diversity of our digital audience presents.

If you're passionate about Canada and you love technology, learning and bringing out the best in others, you’ll love working at CBC.

Who you are and where are you now?

You are a QA Automation Developer with experience bridging into Google display ads or working with similar digital advertising platforms. You may have a broad technical background or you specialize in advertising and marketing with a passion for the technical side. Either way, you have the hands-on expertise with Google Ad Manager or similar frameworks; a UI/UX approach to ad presentation. You are looking for an opportunity to join a company with a mission, value set and tech-forward approach that align with your own.

You bring a depth of skills and a willingness to be part of the knowledge sharing atmosphere here. You are adaptable and willing to jump into different areas, features, products - wherever you are needed, you are happy to contribute. We work with a diverse set of technologies, languages, frameworks; but to us, grasp-of-concept is what matters. Your unique skill-set will only enhance ours.

What you bring:

  • A well-rounded combination of education (a university degree) and related experience.
  • The hands-on expertise. You have hands-on professional experience writing automated test scripts to support the verification and validation of design-rich web products using JavaScript, React and other front end technologies. Ideally you have experience with QA Automation Development test platforms such as Selenium...or similar frameworks
  • You have expertise with Google Ads or similar frameworks and technologies (such as, but not limited to, DSA, ad servers, supply-side (SSP), publishing tags), data management platform (DMP), other media buying platforms.
  • The passion. You have a passion for ad operations and technology and you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to link the two pieces together.
  • The communication skills. You know how to listen to diverse perspectives, build internal relationships and collaborate across teams. You are confident presenting concepts and sharing knowledge and advertising-specific insights with other developers.

For more information and to apply, please visit the full job posting here.