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Updated December 2017

We are the heart and soul of the software testing community. We pride ourselves on our ability to truly connect with software testers and software testing companies across the globe.  We are leading the way, our naturally grown following shows that.

Everything that we offer is based on the fact that we wish to offer a service of value that respects our community too.  We are also seriously committed to bringing software testing companies and software testers together in an ethical, open, honest and human way.

Advertising: This is perhaps what most people come to us asking for.  Our display advertising is intentionally limited.  We do not want to overload our community with excessive ads.

We currently have two display ads options at the top of our newly refreshed software testing forum – The Club.  These are the only display ads we offer across our website.

Masterclasses: via The Dojo we host regular monthly online Masterclasses.  These are free for anyone to attend.  We have 100’s of testers register to attend these.  They cost a good chunk of money to organise.  We pay our speakers. We pay our hosts. We pay for all sorts of stuff.  Why not sponsor these, either as individual events, or perhaps a series?

Sponsor a TestBashIn 2018 we will be hosting 7 TestBashes – Brighton, Dublin, Netherlands, Manchester, Germany, San Francisco and Sydney.  Our software testing conferences have truly gone global!  We have sponsorship brochures available upon request or available online once they are available.  We also offer the opportunity to sponsor our conferences on an annual basis (ie – all the events) on a small or big budget.

Sponsor options generally range from £300 – £5k.

Event promotion: run an event? A conference? A webinar? Whatever it is, we can help share it with our community across our website, emails and social networks.  Get in touch to find out more.

Go Pro on The Dojo: The Dojo is made for anyone who wants to learn and keep up to date with the world of testing.  Perhaps there are people within your team that would benefit from a Pro Subscription?

Sponsor our Podcast: We’d love to have a sponsor for our growing community driven podcast.  Ideally, we’d love someone to sponsor it over a period of time, instead of per episode.  We’re experimenting with a few things, which means a per episode sponsorship become difficult.

Community Newsletter: Every single week on a Monday we send out a community newsletter.  We pull together the most relevant news, blog posts and activity from the software testing community as a whole. We send it via email and are also experimenting in sharing it in other ways.  You can sponsor this too. Please book in advance – we are currently taking bookings for 2018.

Sponsor Meetups: members of our community run localised meetups.  We believe these are extremely important to the growth of the software testing industry and we are seeking ways for this to become more sustainable. Have a look at the sponsor meetups page to see how you can support these free events.

Sponsor Software Testing Clinics: The Software Testing Clinic provides free software testing related training. We currently have two locations in the UK, London and Glasgow, and will be adding at least three more in 2018. These meetups run for a season of 12 sessions over a year. Read more about the Software Testing Clinic.

Community sharing as standard: if you support us in any way, we will naturally share the love via our social media community.  We totally appreciate everyone that helps us out. And we love to put thank you’s out to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn networks.

Articles, Content and Research: we work closely software testing experts to bring relevant information to their fingertips.  Some of this is provided free, other is paid content, we host all of this on The Dojo  We’d love to have more support in creating this.  As you may have guessed, we pay our creators for this.  Help keeping the wheel turning would be most helpful. Please inquire how we can work together.

We have so much we’d like to do.  The more support we get the faster we can do this.

Please email for more information