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  • The first TestBash of the year is over and it was a roaring success, getting us ready for the year of useful, insightful and utterly brilliant TestBashes ahead.   The Club A few selected discussions from The Club that...
  • Hooray, we're almost in April and into our first month of TestBash fun! Are we seeing you in Brighton?  If you are, you can find some folks introducing themselves over on Twitter .   The Club A few selected discussions...
  • February was short...OK bad joke, being the shortest month of the year and all.  Regardless of length, we've had a very busy month, with new events launched, new course and new content.      The Club A few selected...
  • January was all about looking inwards and defining some goals.  You may have followed some of our shenanigans on our first retreat.  We have refocused and we've lots of plans for the year ahead!  How are your goals?    ...
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    TestBash Germany

    Testbash germany 2019 dojo

    TestBash Germany is back, this time with Workshops!

    London Tester Gathering Workshops

    2 ltgw june 2019 dojo

    Develop the technical tester in you this June in London.