API Mocking and Service Virtualization Explained with Wojciech Bulaty
19th October 2017

Watch the recording of this fantastic #DojoMasterlcass with Wojciech Bulaty

Too much pressure on the testing team and not enough time to test?
Testers being blocked by other teams not delivering APIs on time, leaving them unable to test?
Hard to reproduce production bugs resulting in frustration and time loss?
Creating test data is complex and takes time, slowing the testing team down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might need stubbing and service virtualization.

Stubbing and service virtualization are great tools to understand and use for testing. You can also think of them as simulators for APIs. We will explore the terminology involved with stubbing and service virtualization, and we’ll walk through a simplified example of how a service virtualization tool can work in cooperation with a testing framework. We’ll also explore a few problems testers can face when using these testing techniques.