Posted: 1st June 2018

Quality Assurance Tester

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Edinburgh, Scotland. United Kingdom

Here at xDesign, our Quality Assurance department is integral in our product development lifecycle. We’re looking for eagle-eyed testers to help us expand and cultivate our testing capabilities on our growing range of apps, websites and APIs.

Testing is a critical component of our pipeline, and as such you would be a valued asset on our cross-functional, self-organising product development teams. We firmly believe that testing should never be waterfall, and involving our testers from pitch right through to post-release places them in the best possible position to catch bugs as early as possible; ideally, before we’ve even written a line of code.

What you’ll be doing

  • Working as an integral part of our self-organising development teams
  • Participate in the planning of upcoming work
  • Identifying the testing effort and risk associated with sprint commitments
  • Generate and run the appropriate test plans for upcoming work
  • Testing both front-end and back-end features using the appropriate tools
  • Escalating serious issues and taking the appropriate steps to ensure a swift resolution
  • Liaising with clients and their test teams to troubleshoot and triage potential issues
  • Participating in delivery showcases to clients

Experience and Skills


  • 2+ years experience in a QA role
  • A keen interest in mobile/web and related emerging technologies
  • Robust communication skills
  • Strong prioritisation skills
  • Confidence in presenting information to clients
  • Experience of creating and maintaining test case plans