Posted: 12th June 2019

Test engineer (Remote/Cph is possible)

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Copenhagen V, Copenhagen. Denmark

Very rarely we would ever use the words "brand ambassador" when it comes to engineering. Welcome to the exception. We've recently invested in Quality engineering here at Pleo, and we're looking for a test engineer with solid skills to join our team and help us take our culture of quality to the next level.

We're looking for someone that is a great listener, that can ask the right questions and remove the obstacles to testing. A curious mind that comes up with interesting ideas and can share those ideas around the team.

The perfect fit for us will be someone who is naturally curious and isn't afraid of the things they don't know. We're lucky enough to have a very collaborative working style, so there will always be people around you to skill you up on something that they might know more about. This curiosity will also come into play with the way you approach problems: we'd like to see someone who likes to take things apart to see how they work. Someone that can collaborate across teams to improve engineering productivity while reducing friction towards painless releases.

We're pretty optimistic in finding someone unique for this particular role: because the role itself is pretty unique. We're looking for someone to contribute to our existing test frameworks and to provide expertise on building any other test frameworks that we might need to cover the special needs of our distributed infrastructure.

Why you? Our engineer team is growing (at a healthy - not intimidating - rate!) and with that growth rate the complexity of our codebase increases. We need focus on catching errors and alerts quickly, before they impact our customers, and we truly believe that test automation is a key tool that will help us to get there. We want to fail fast, and learn fast - and we need you to help us to get there with the rest of the team.

You will be part of evaluating our current testing infrastructure, and will be heavily involved in how we scale tests at Pleo. You will also be a great contributor to areas like testability, feedback loop and release processes.