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This page is dedicated to YouTube videos related to software testing. Please contact us to submit a software testing video. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    The Deep Work Divide by Swanand Pagnis #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 20th 2019 17:40 | Author: ConfEngine
    Agile for the Introvert by Tobias Anderberg #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 20th 2019 17:27 | Author: ConfEngine
    The magic number is 10 by Gabor Devenyi & Alex Sloley #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 20th 2019 17:18 | Author: ConfEngine
    Formal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain Languages
    Posted: April 19th 2019 20:50 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Formalizing Teamwork in Human-Robot Interaction
    Posted: April 19th 2019 19:51 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Next Generation Agile Automation with Guljeet Nagpaul
    Posted: April 18th 2019 23:01 | Author: Joe Colantonio
    Sensing Posture-Aware Pen+Touch Interaction on Tablets
    Posted: April 17th 2019 16:00 | Author: Microsoft Research
    AI for Earth with Dr. Lucas Joppa
    Posted: April 17th 2019 15:00 | Author: Microsoft Research
    "Developers - The Lucrative Target for Social Engineers" - Stuart Peck
    Posted: April 15th 2019 18:33 | Author: OWASP London
    "Incident Response in Your Pyjamas" - Paco Hope
    Posted: April 15th 2019 18:22 | Author: OWASP London
    Design Teams are a Design Exercise by Philip Joe #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 15th 2019 18:15 | Author: ConfEngine
    Saving lives with Agile by Marina Alex Simonova #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 15th 2019 17:56 | Author: ConfEngine
    Broad-Based Side-Channel Defenses for Modern Processor Architectures
    Posted: April 15th 2019 17:51 | Author: Microsoft Research
    All track development by Ant Boobier #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 15th 2019 17:42 | Author: ConfEngine
    How leaders create an inclusive culture by Sam Bowtell #AgileIndia2019
    Posted: April 15th 2019 17:33 | Author: ConfEngine
    "Introducing the OWASP ZAP Heads Up Display (HUD)" - Simon Bennetts
    Posted: April 15th 2019 17:29 | Author: OWASP London