Semantic Spelunking: Exploring Testers and Problems | Masterclass

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Semantic Spelunking: Exploring Testers and Problems | Masterclass
Damian Synadinos

Testers [do|don’t] (help) [prevent|detect] problems

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered many variations of this phrase and discussed the underlying ideas many times. The phrase uses just a few words to express a lot of ideas. And so, it can be valuable and critical to understand what each word means individually in order to better understand the ideas they convey collectively.

The session begins with a brief and broad overview of semantics and some related ideas. This sets the stage for further exploration as we dive deeply into each individual word and the entire phrase. We will consider: Testers – What might this word mean to different people and in different contexts? Do/Don’t – What do normative and descriptive statements have to do with it? Help – How does the inclusion/exclusion of this word affect the meaning of the phrase? Prevent/Detect – What do causality and perspective have to do with which word we choose? Problems – What exactly is the thing that is being prevented or detected?

This session attempts to understand big ideas by examining small words. Join me to go beyond wordplay and investigate concepts that can have real effects on you, your role, and your responsibilities.

Session Takeaways: A primer on semantics. A better understanding of the individual words and their collective meaning. New and practical insight into a tester's role and responsibilities.

Damian Synadinos
Dsynadinos Since 1993, Damian Synadinos has been helping “build better software and build software better” through testing. In that time, he has used various methods and tools in numerous roles at many companies in diverse industries. He is an entrepreneur and currently owns Ineffable Solutions, a training and consulting company. Damian is also an international keynote speaker, presenter, and workshop facilitator, as well as a mentor and advisor. He is an improvisor, an actor, and a playwright; an artist, an inventor, and a philosopher. He is a son, a brother, a husband, and a dad. And he values and connects each of these things (and much more) to approach life and solve problems in interesting and innovative ways.