Learn The Tactics That Amy Phillips Used To Help Get A Startup Testing

I had the pleasure of speaking to Amy Phillips about her experience of helping get the startup she works for (SongKick) testing their software.

I've known Amy since her early days at SongKick and I have always been intrigued about how she does testing in a fast paced environment and as the only tester hired within the company. I often look to startups in how they operate, not just in testing, but as a whole business. People who work in these environments often have lots of freedom and respect in the decisions and activities they perform. Whilst startups may fail a lot, they also learn from these failures and the experiments they try.

Because of the above, I believe the testing community can learn a lot on how to improve our craft from the world of startups. And Amy certainly has some great insight into this!

In this podcast we talk about:

  • How Amy got the testing process started and the approach she uses
  • How important decisions are made
  • How Amy gets away with doing less testing
  • Teaching the whole team about testing
  • The importance of shipping and good enough testing
  • Continous Integration and testing