Circus Activities


The TestBash Circus is a cooperative, active learning strategy that involves groups of testers moving around a space and visiting several activity stations. The stations are run in parallel and repeated for the duration of the circus. In groups, testers then complete various tasks at each station that are written on activity cards, discussing each task and building upon each other's knowledge as they go. A circus is a great way to encourage teamwork and to reinforce, consolidate and build upon existing knowledge.

We ran our first TestBash Circus at TestBash Philadelphia and got overwhelmingly positive and useful feedback from our attendees. In this series, are all the activity cards and activity resources that our wonderful speakers and TestBash helpers designed. So why not dip in? Have a go at some of the activities with your own teams and maybe even run a circus of your own!

To ask questions and get tips on how to run your own circus, pop on over to The Club.