Universities: What Do The Academics Have To Say About Testing, And Why Should We Care? - Geoff Loken

Testing happens in computer labs, and at desks, and on mobile phones, and anywhere else with computers. Testing, like the broader field of software development, is a discipline grown by practitioners. It isn't the only place ideas develop. The lessons we learn testing filter their way into training courses and academic instruction, and likewise, researchers use those courses to pass ideas down to us, on the field.

This talk will discuss the current state of academia. How does it handle testing: what's missing, what's good, and what's bad. It will ask, "should we care," and talk about how we can make things better.

Takeaways: Participants will leave with a better understanding of what universities have to say about testing, and for many, a better understanding of how academic research works. They'll be thinking about how their ideas spread, and how we can contribute to a smarter world for testing.