Testing Challenges in the Highly Interconnected World of IoT with Bede Ngaruko
5th July 2017

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The Internet of Things is a growing trend in the software industry. With a combination of software and hardware/sensor devices, both individuals and enterprise consumers want to be able to monitor, activate and control their devices from the comfort of their homes and offices. Applications include home automation, fleet management, medical applications and other telematics applications. This is an interesting development and a powerful experience for users. But with great power comes great challenges.

For a start, there is no GUI to test in some instances. Consumers of parts of an IoT system may be non-human; and wireless connections create more attack vectors, therefore more security challenges. To be up to the challenge, testers of IoT have a lot more to learn. Testers need to have a better understanding of basic electronics and network systems. The GUI is no longer king; APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are becoming the de facto standard for connecting IoT modules, thus, for better or worse, API testing is becoming a must-have skill for the average tester. Security and penetration testing will now also have to become part of the testing regime. Availability of devices to test IoT systems is more difficult than the traditional web, mobile, or client/server applications. In some instances it can be close to impossible to get a “real” device to test, for example, a truck with a refrigerator or real hearts to test various pulse responses, therefore we need to find more ways to simulate real life devices.

In this masterclass, Bede will share his experiences testing IoT systems in Telematics, explore other applications of IoT, discuss the main challenges of testing IoT systems and the security vulnerabilities to be aware of.