Mobile App Automation with Appium

Course Description

Mobile is big business, it seems all major companies now have at least one app or a mobile website. This introduces a new challenge for testing. How do we test these applications? Follow on from this challenge, if we were looking to introduce some automated testing into our application, how would we do that? Well, one of the leading tools is Appium, an open source automation tool created by Dan himself.

So we approached Dan to see if he was interested in running a class with us on Appium, he said yes! So this course is not available on Appium via the Masters of the Ministry.

This course will cover a comprehensive view of automating mobile applications with Appium.

Topics covered include:

  • Installing Appium
  • Writing reliable locator strategies
  • Advanced Appium including gestures and advanced capabilities
  • Using the GUI tools for Appium
  • Writing stable and maintainable Appium tests
  • Writing tests for parallelization and multiple devices
  • How to add reliable UI hooks to Android and iOS applications


  • How to write stable and maintainable Appium automation
  • How to identify UI elements reliably and quickly
  • What can and can’t I automate with Appium

Course Instructor: Dan Cuellar

Dan is the creator of the open source mobile automation framework Appium, and Head of Test Engineering at FOODit in London. Previously, he headed the test organisation at Shazam in London and Zoosk in San Francisco and worked as a software engineer on Microsoft Outlook for Mac, and other products in the Microsoft Office suite.

He is an advocate of open source technologies and technical software testing. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Music Technology, from the world-renowned School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Course Length

This is a one day course

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