Immanuel Kant And The Hallucinating Tester - Anders Dinsen

Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher has a reputation for being pedantic and difficult. But most of us intuitively get the transcendental: That interacting with things always involves the complexity of experiencing and learning. Kant's philosophy supports me, the thinking, imagining, sometimes hallucinating tester collaboratively engaging my team to learn things that matter to people who matter. It is testing for collaborative experiencing, learning, and knowledge. After the talk, we'll be able to say "transcendental" and understand what it means; we'll understand the basics of Kant's philosophy, and we'll know why intuitions sometimes matter more than facts when people collaborate about experiencing and learning.


  • Be able to say "transcendental" and understand what it means.
  • Get on terms with testing experiences.
  • Understand the basics of Kant's philosophy.
  • Avoid the trap of being skeptical about everything and anything.
  • Avoid the trap of thinking everything we believe is real and true.
  • Collaborate about learning.
  • Reframe testing in your context.