30 Days of Accessibility Testing

By Matt Obee, and  Alon Fridman Waisbard

Welcome to a new 30 Days of Testing Challenge.

As always, you can do this anytime anywhere, however, we will be doing a joint effort to encourage others to kick this of on the 1st of May 2017.

Join in the discussion at:

  1. Learn about the diversity of disabilities and the effects of aging.

  2. Use a tool like WAVE to scan a web page for accessibility problems.

  3. Share your favourite accessibility testing tool.

  4. Research the benefits of inclusive design.

  5. Read the 12 guidelines of WCAG 2.0. Write a short post on one of them.

  6. Learn about assistive technologies, and share one you liked (hardware).

  7. Unplug your mouse, leave the touchpad alone, and navigate using the keyboard.

  8. Read a book about accessibility.

  9. Disable images in the browser. Can you understand the page?

  10. Test with a screen reader and share one useful tip.

  11. Turn your screen off and rely on a screen reader.

  12. Read an article about accessibility and share it with someone.

  13. Watch a video about accessibility and share it with someone.

  14. Find a problem that might affect someone who is deaf.

  15. Find a problem that might affect someone who is colourblind.

  16. Find a problem that might affect someone who can’t use their hands.

  17. Find a problem that might affect someone with dyslexia.

  18. Use a tool to test for colour contrast problems.

  19. Find 5 accessibility experts to follow on Twitter.

  20. Write a simple accessibility checklist.

  21. Look for invisible keyboard focus when tabbing through a page.

  22. Learn why semantic HTML is important.

  23. Find missing semantic information (e.g. headers, landmarks, links and buttons).

  24. Learn about accessibility law in your country.

  25. Explore W3C’s Before and After demonstration

  26. Find an accessibility issue on a website, and report it.

  27. Learn how to use your mobile device screen reader.

  28. Download and test a word document for accessibility issues.

  29. Find 3 accessibility issues without using an evaluation tool.

  30. Review the complexity of a website’s content with the Hemingway app.


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